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How do I become a member?
To become a member, simply click on REGISTER and provide all necessary details. After registration, fund your wallet with the membership fee you intend to start with in order to gain access to your dashboard, and to begin to enjoy amazing world class benefits. Kindly Note that accounts not funded after registration, and accounts funded but not upgraded will be wiped off automatically after 24 hours.

How can I fund my wallet?
You can fund your wallet using any of our two payment means. 1. Bank Deposit.
2. Debit Card.

What are the packages I can access on RAE platform?
There are 4 unique packages including

What is the difference between the 4 membership packages?
Please check out the HOW IT WORKS Page for full detail

Is multiple accounts allowed?

What do I stand to enjoy the benefit?
As a member on RAE platform, you will be able to vend VTU Products at huge discounts while earning as you do and as your team members do the same. The membership packages enables you to also enjoy amazing cash incentives and awards such as all expense paid International Trips, House Ownership Fund, Car Award, Villa Award, Unlimited Income and lots of exciting awards.

Is there a refund policy?
No. This is because everyone pays a one-time membership fee which is distributed immediately hence no refund.

What do I do after paying and do not see it the fund in my wallet?
This may happen in most cases with debit card payment option which is usually as a result of your internet connection. Simply contact our customer service on WhatsApp with 09033003430.

What other products do you have?
Asides VTU Airtime, Data Bundles, Cable TV Subscription and Electricity Bill Payment; you can also place order for WAEC Pins and Recharge Card Pins. Please check out our Services page for more information.

How do I purchase the WAEC and Recharge Card Pins?
Kindly contact us via WhastApp on 09033003430 to get the details.

How can I withdraw my earnings?
We operate Bank Account Withdrawal System which allows you to withdraw your earnings via bank. You can also use your earnings to sign up new members in your team.

What is the minimum amount I can request for withdrawal?
When you have N10,000 and above of earned money, you can request for withdrawal.

What is the maximum amount I can withdrawal per time?
Withdrawal limit per week is N200,000.

How long does it take to receive the earnings in my bank account?
Payments are made within 48 business hours.

Can I withdraw money I already deposited in my wallet?
No you cannot. You can only withdraw money earned through the compensation plan.

Can I collate funds from my various accounts and request for withdrawal?
No, collation of funds from different accounts to request withdrawal will be denied.

Can I monetize my awards?
Yes, some of the awards can be monetized. Dubai Trip fund can be monetized after the first trip. House Ownership Fund is monetized. For Car Award, you MUST drive the first Car and after that, subsequent qualifications, if you wish to monetize, you get 87.5%. For Diamond1 Award, when you qualify for the first time, you get 2 Free International Luxurious Trips, when you qualify for Diamond1 Award a second time, you get a Big Car and when you qualify for Diamond1 Award a third time and so on; you get N6 Million.

What happens after I have achieved all Awards?
You become a member of the Prestigious Board of Directors in RAE which guarantees you access to continue to earn 1% of your total team activity yearly and also you enjoy all expense paid trip to exotic locations in the world yearly as a member of RAE Director’s Club.

Can I communicate with you in case I have further enquiry?
Yes, you can always reach us through our customer care line via Call on 08175753338 or WhatsApp on: 09033003430.

Call: 08175753338

Whatsapp: 09033003430

Email: rechargeandearn1@gmail.com